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India is leading in the world towards solar power revolutions. We Supply you the best Solar panels for Homes and Business to produced Solar Power. We are dealing with the top branded of Rooftop Solar panels, Residential solar panels and On-Grid solar panels.

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About spark solar:

Spark Solar is a globally renowned Indian manufacturer of high-performance solar panels. Capitalizing on its strength in solar panel manufacturing, it is committed to provide panels with unparalleled efficiency, and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns on their PV projects

Spark Solar’s blend of product quality, innovative features, company reliability and commitment to sustainable future makes us the ideal brand for your solar project. Spark Solar believes in continuously investing in development of new Solar Technologies and advanced Photovoltaic Systems that gives our products a leading edge

Spark 72 cells 6 BB Series


  • Superior performance with Excellent quality
  • Less residual stress and less micro cracks
  • Shorter distance between bus bars.
  • Higher power, Better reliability.
  • More power per square meter, resulting in higher yields at lower BOS cost.
  • High yields with low radiation intensity
  • 40mm high-tech frame for faster module cooling which reduces the thermal resistance and increases the surface area for convection.

Polycrystalline 315-340 Wp (6 bus bar)

Datasheet Of Spark Solar:

SS-5BB 72 Cells-Mono Perc

SS-6BB 144 half Cells poly perc 355W

SS-5BB 144 half Cells Mono perc

SS-6BB 72 Cells Mono Perc 380W

SS-5BB 72 Cells Poly

SS-6BB poly 335W

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